Give the gift of authentic beauty.

Sénica's collection of artisan body care products are gentle and infused with plant ingredients that nourish your body from head to toe.

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The Lavender Mist Shea Moisturizer is pure awesomeness. Does wonders for my son's eczema...


When your man wants to steal your Sweetness Shea Moisturizer you know its awesome!


The shampoo was so moisturizing - a complete difference from other shampoos which felt like they stripped her hair.


The Koko Kwèm Shea Moisturizer has been a dream come true for my extremely dry feet.


Try Senica’s brown sugar scrubs for skin that is “soft as butta.”


Best shampoo bar ever!!! I love this Senk shampoo bar. It cleanses my scalp and hair without the stripped crunchy feeling.


The Sweetness Body Lotion is sweet smelling yet mild enough to not break out my sensitive skin.


I wash my hands a LOT in the clinic where I work...this Lavender Mist Lotion is a lifesaver.


Love this Koko Kwèm Body Lotion. It smells great, but not too overpowering. It goes on smooth without feeling greasy.


Why Sénica?

We deliver artisanal body care products made with functional organic & food-grade ingredients that help you care for your dry skin issues and celebrate your authentic beauty. I know first hand what it is to struggle with with eczema & dermatitis and how such issues can impact your level of confidence and self awareness. I've married my love of natural ingredients, Caribbean heritage, and biochemistry training to deliver products that work and make you feel good about yourself, regardless of the day you're having. All handmade in my New Orleans studio.

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