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Intense moisture from head to toe with these Shea Moisturizers

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The Lavender Mist Shea Moisturizer is pure awesomeness. Does wonders for my son's eczema...


When your man wants to steal your Sweetness Shea Moisturizer you know its awesome!


The shampoo was so moisturizing - a complete difference from other shampoos which felt like they stripped her hair.


The Koko Kwèm Shea Moisturizer has been a dream come true for my extremely dry feet.


Try Senica’s brown sugar scrubs for skin that is “soft as butta.”


Best shampoo bar ever!!! I love this Senk shampoo bar. It cleanses my scalp and hair without the stripped crunchy feeling.


Soft Skin + Fading Dark Spots

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The Natural Beauty Club

The Natural Beauty Club allows you to purchase your favorite products and save 10% on every purchase for one (1) full year. Yours for $20, the NBC offers the following benefits you’re sure to enjoy.

Benefits of the Natural Beauty Club
10% off every purchase for one (1) year
Exclusive Offers
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New! Body Bubbles

A soak in the tub is always relaxing but a soak with bubbles is even better. Sénica® Body Bubbles delivers both. Turn on some relaxing music, burn a candle and soak to your heart’s content. Your body will thank you for these bubbles. Available in three signature scents – Lanbéli, Lemongrass, and Sweetness

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