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About Us

Being at peace with my skin and its perceived flaws is one of the most important skin care lessons I’ve learned.- Benardett, Creator of Sénica - Artisan Body Care Products

About Sénica

Care for your dry skin and celebrate your authentic beauty with Sénica’s (pronounced SAY-NEEKA) artisanal body care products.  Crafted with organic and food-grade ingredients by a trained biochemist, Sénica’s founder marries her experience with eczema and dermatitis, her scientific training, and her traditional knowledge of ethnobotany from her Caribbean heritage to craft products with a purpose.  We invite you to explore our collection and celebrate a Natural. Beautiful. You.®


Hello, My name is Benardett (! I am the founder of Sénica and a natural product formulator and enthusiast. I know first hand what it is to struggle with dry skin, eczema & dermatitis and how such issues can impact your level of confidence and self awareness. So, in 2007, I created Sénica to offer the products that helped me nourish my skin while tackling eczema and the side effects of the prescriptions that were a bit harsh. Sénica products remain a staple for me and many clients who have tried them over the years. 

We take care in creating every product from scratch with organic and food-grade ingredients that work. And, the Sénica Learning Lab serves as the educational component to our holistic approach to skin care, because great products work best when paired with well-rounded lifestyle choices. You'll see imprints of my love of natural ingredients and Caribbean heritage through the rich-plant based formulas, the Creole words and terms used in some product names, and vibrant colors of our product packaging. 

My goal is to make your Sénica product experience a pampering one that creates room for you to move about your day and life in an authentic way. Life is hard enough, caring for your skin shouldn't be another struggle on the list. 

I'd love to help you get started with your Sénica journey. My personal favorite is the Koko Kwem Shea Moisturizer, it's the first product I created for myself to moisturize eczema patches. Next would be the Blemish Balm, I use it on almost everything. For the hair, I keep it simple with the Senk Hair Care line.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about Sénica. We'd love to have you as part of our family. You can do that by joining the Sénica mailing list and trying your first product from our collection here,

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