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Scent Descriptions

Sénica scents are carefully developed with the company’s “Natural. Beautiful. You.” motto in mind. Our therapeutic and aromatic products are made from nature’s finest ingredients that enhance your natural beauty from the inside out. From spicy and sweet to crisp and clean, discover our Sénica scents and make them yours. Descriptions for limited released products are detailed on their listings. 

Koko Kwèm – A Crisp, Clean Blend of Tea Tree & Lemon Essential Oil

Creole for “coconut cream,” Koko Kwèm is a clean scent created using tea tree and lemon essential oils. Click here to shop Koko Kwèm products.


Lanbéli – An Herbaceous Lavender Essential Oil

Another signature scent, Lanbéli is created using an herbaceous lavender essential oil. Creole for “calm or rest,” Lanbéli lives up to its name and provides an all-over relaxing bath and body experience. Click here to shop Lanbéli products. Update: The Lanbéli Brown Sugar Scrub and Oil have been discontinued. The Lanbéli Shea Moisturizer is still available for purchase. 


Sweetness – A Light Floral & Vanilla Fragrance Blend

Sweetness is a subtle fragrance oil blend with a light floral scent and a hint of vanilla. The playful fragrance gets its name from a term used to woo young women in the Virgin Islands. Products with this scent will leave wearers feeling cuddly and beautiful. It’s the perfect gift for anyone that loves soft, sugary essences. Click here to shop Sweetness. Update: The Sweetness Candle, Brown Sugar Scrub and Oil have been discontinued. The Sweetness Shea Moisturizer is still available for purchase. 


Bay Bay – Bay Rum Essential Oil, Reminiscent of Clove & Allspice

Add a dash of spice to your life with Bay Bay, a signature Sénica scent created using bay oil. Best described as a spicy, sweet aroma, bay oil is a natural product from the island of Dominica and is known for its therapeutic properties, such as alleviating aches and pains. This scent is a favorite among male clients or anyone who enjoys strong, crisp essences similar to clove. Click here to shop Bay Bay products.  Update: The Bay Bay Brown Sugar Scrub has been discontinued. The Bay Bay Shea Moisturizer is still available for purchase. 

Lavender Mist – A relaxing blend of Lavender & Orange Essential Oil

Lavender Mist is the softness of lavender essential oil kissed with a light orange essential oil mist. Orange essential oil brings a milder, cleaner aroma to the herbal lavender. Click here to shop Lavender Mist products. Update: The Lavender Mist scent was officially phased out June 2021. 8 oz Refill sizes are available while supplies last. We recommend trying the Lanbéli  scent as an alternative.

Caress Me – Creamy Oatmeal Almond Fragrance Blend

A creamy fragrance oil blend of oatmeal and almond, Caress Me is the scent of choice for anyone that loves bold perfume scents. Update: The Caress Me scent was officially phased out in August 2018. We recommend trying the Sweetness scent as an alternative.