If you’ve never tried a Sénica soap bar you’re in for a treat. Each bar of Sénica soap is made using rich emollient oils and herbs that gently cleanse your skin, leaving it soft and supple. The creamy lather and delicious aromas add fun to your daily cleansing routine.

About the Summer '17 SoapsOur Summer soap collection pays homage to the island vibes from my childhood. Let’s get clean with ancient clays, salt, skin boosting herbs, and nourishing oils. Featuring a reprise of the unscented sea salt clay bars from 2015 and the all time best-sellers Lanbéli (infused with lavender oil and flowers) and Sweetness (playful with jasmine, vanilla and light floral notes). So let’s get sweet, salty, and herbal. But most of all... Let’s. Get. Clean. - Benardett

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