Bath Salt - Sénica skin care moisturize dry, sensitive and eczema, prone skin.
Bath Salt - Sénica skin care moisturize dry, sensitive and eczema, prone skin.

Bath Salt

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Back for a limited time, Sénica Bath Salts provide a luxurious bath treat that soothes aching muscles and relieves tension while maintaining the skin’s natural radiance. Each salt is created using a blend of Epsom and sea salts, as well as herbs and essential oils known for their therapeutic properties. And, when time doesn’t permit for a long, soothing bath, our salts can also be used as a compress or soak for tired hands and feet.

PRO TIP: Pair with your favorite soap bar and finish off with your favorite Sénica moisturizer for a gentle cleanse, detox, and gorgeous glow.

Available in three scents: Caress Me, Lanbéli, and Sweetness.

Benefits: Soothes tired, aching muscles

Key Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Baking Soda, Rose Petals

** This listing is for one 16 ounce jar of salts in your selected scent. **

Sénica Bath Salt Scents & Herbs

Caress Me – Creamy Oatmeal Almond Fragrance Blend with Rose Petals
A one-of-a-kind bath salt that soothes tired muscles while the cleansing properties of rose petals aid in maintaining the skin’s natural glow. After soaking in Caress Me, it’ll be hard to keep fingers away.

Lanbéli – An Herbaceous Lavender Essential Oil with Lavender Flowers
Soak the day’s stresses away with the fragrant Lanbéli Bath Salt, a calming and restorative blend of Epsom and sea salts, enhanced with lavender essential oil and flowers.

Sweetness – A Light Floral & Vanilla Fragrance Blend with Jasmine Flowers
Jasmine flowers, Epsom and sea salts are specially combined to create a distinctly delicate and sweet-smelling bath salt. Indulge in the light floral aromas as you soak away unwanted aches and pains.

Also available as a 2 oz sampler pouch here,